Introducing This Exclusive Instant Broadcast From Che Brown and Trevor Otts

Discover The One Critical Secret To Attracting A Stampede of Hot Qualified Leads & an Overflow of Sales While You Sleep!

Discover The One Critical Secret To Attracting A Stampede of Hot Qualified Leads & an Overflow of Sales While You Sleep! with Che Brown and Trevor Otts

Regardless of your past, your future is about to be filled with an abundance of sales.  

Even if you lack time, money, talent, or knowledge at this very moment. That will not stop you from reaping the rewards.

And I’m not talking about doubling or even tripling your income. I’m taking about helping you earn more money than you dreamed possible.   I’m talking about giving you a state-of-the-art vehicle… that not only has class, power, cool gadgets, and speed, but that transforms into a jet plan when you want it to. And not only can it soar high in the sky, but it can take you straight to the moon. It has no limits. 

For those who don’t know Trevor Otts. He is a recognized and trusted marketing public speaker, author and television personality. He brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to the table. Insights that you are not going to want to miss out on! 

For those who don’t know Che Brown. You are in for a treat as the founder of Partners in Learning, Che brings over 15 years of experience in proven sales and marketing. His motivational speaking and business coaching has helped and inspired countless small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to make more sales with less effort. 

Just look at what you are going to be privy to…

  • The Basic Secrets of Website Design and Creation That Sell
  • How to Prosper with Personal and Business Blogging for Sales Success
  • The Silver Bullet of Product Creation That Works Like Magic
  • Master How To Make Killer Videos That Turn Heads
  • Make a small fortune with On-line Business Marketing Even If You’re a Newbie
  • Astonishing Advanced Prospect and Customer Sales Psychology Techniques
  • Killer Social Media Tools and Techniques to generate hot prospects
  • How to Master NLP for Sales
  • Little-Known NLP Tactics for Marketing
  • Surprising New NLP Presentations
  • The Secrets of Leveraging Evernote for Business Owners to Increase Sales
  • And much more…
Monday The 4th
At 11:00 AM

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