Introducing This Exclusive Instant Broadcast From Che Brown and Trevor Otts

Learn How To Flourish in The New Economy with Dr. Monikah Ogando, Dr. Rachel Talton, Che Brown and Trevor Otts

How to Flourish In The New Economy with Dr. Monikah Ogando and Dr. Rachel Talton

Dr. Monikah and Dr. Rachel are going to share the EXACT steps that they discovered flourishing women take to lead authentically, profitably, and collaborate fully in their most meaningful relationships. Sounds like you CAN have it all after all, huh? 

Well, what’s the secret? They are spilling it all on Wednesday, July 13th at 9:00 pm EST

I personally can’t wait for this call. Dr. Rachel and Dr. Monikah are going to walk us through each step of a new model of success they’ve coined “Flourish”. Here is what you are going to learn on this FREE LiveCast:

* Discover the ONE THING flourishing women do differently than everybody else that cause them to not only earn revenue and respect in their careers, but ALSO enjoy fulfilling relationships

* EXACTLY what you need to have in place in order to take your career and business results to the next level, in a way that feels GREAT to your soul (and has your best clients and key relationships WANTING to invest with you).

* A simple technique that Hollywood uses to capture attention and drive visibility and revenue that will work for you too!

* And much more…


Sunday The 13th
At 9:00 PM

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